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We've streamlined our entire affiliate process so it is easy to use while being extremely accurate. Our affiliate tracking uses an independent and transparent system so if you link, you can earn.

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  • Visitor clicks on your link from your site, social post, blog or email and they then go to our shop
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Complete Care Shop has a huge range of products for older people and disabled people to choose from. Someone might just need a little gadget to help pull up their socks, or a raised toilet seat, and someone else may need a hoist to be able to move from their bed to their chair. We're here to help people get what they need to be maintain independence and dignity in their own homes. Along with the choices on offer, Complete Care Shop presents amazing value for money on products ranging from £1 to £4000.

Our system tracks referrals and pays good commissions for every person you send our way. We don't pay a huge percentage because we want to give the people you send to us value for money. Choice and value are the key reasons to refer to us, after all! In turn, this basically means that you gain more sales from your referrals to us. In our experience, offering products at a price that is fair to people who are elderly or disabled generates more business - it works for them and it works for us. So it can work for you! Your multiple commissions will add up to more than the odd sale on a pricier shop with a high commission. We want to work with people who can attract plenty of the right customers so you will gain a more regular income.

Specialist Product Feeds from Complete Care Shop

Specialist Product Feeds

If you own your own website and it has a lot of visitors, then we can provide you with product feeds. These could be bestsellers on Complete Care Shop or the hottest products right now. You could show lots of feeds for many categories if you want to show a lot of products. For example, here's a feed if you are writing for people who use a wheelchair:


Or our hottest products right now, like this:


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If a customer comes from your site to ours and doesn't buy there and then but comes back to purchase up to 60 days later, you will still get the credit.

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